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The current climate of the creative Internet is skewed in favor of gigantic tech corporations, which have complete control on the monetization of creative content and subject matter on their platforms.

The problem Conjure seeks to rectify is the dependence on these centralized entities, by providing creators with the platform needed to break free and regain their creative independence.

Conjure Depth Engine

By applying vertical depth the static nature of the traditional search engine model, Conjure opens up the field for content creators.

A Home for Creators

Three hundred years ago, Carolus Linnaeus invented taxonomy to organize all life on Earth into a single, flexible framework - still used today.

Linnaeus used the combination of breadth and depth, the X and Y-axes respectively, to sort organisms based on characteristics.

Conjure will employ the same structure to sort content based on community.


Conjure will launch with initial support for both video and text content formats, with monetization methods to match. As the platform grows, we'll expand content formats and monetization options. Click the orbs below to explore a few.


Monetization & Ad Placement

Conjure takes advantage of its unique architecture to facilitate creator/advertiser matchmaking primarily through communities.

Platform Features

Rewards System

Both creators and users are rewarded through participation, based on their relative contribution.


Aggregation, reputation, and the rewards system fosters an environment where quality is recognized.


Users of the platform determine the direction of the platform, deciding what communities are launched.

Conjure STO: Schedule & Pricing

The Conjure Token will be an NEP-5 asset residing on the NEO Blockchain.

Holders of the Conjure Token will receive a pro rata share of half (50%) of Conjure's Net Ad Revenue, on a monthly basis.

conjure rev
  • Token Ticker CJR
  • Pre-Sale Opens April 1st, 2019
  • Main Sale Opens September 1st, 2019
  • Max Token Supply 100,000,000
  • Tokens for Sale 70,000,000
  • Soft Cap 1.5M USD
  • Hard Cap 5.8M USD
  • Accepting USD, BTC, ETH, NEO

$0.05 per Token
Main Sale I
September 1st, 2019

$0.10 per Token
Main Sale II
September 9th, 2019

$0.105 per Token
token distribution

Token Distribution

Pre-Sale: 30,000,000 Conjure Tokens

Main Sale: 40,000,000 Conjure Tokens

Reserved: 30,000,000 Conjure Tokens, of these:

Conjure Rewards 20,000,000 Conjure Tokens

Team & Founders 10,000,000 Conjure Tokens


December 2017
  • Conjure Idea is Born
Spring 2018
  • Exploring Solutions
  • White Paper Completion
  • Depth Engine Design
June 2018
Proof of Concept
  • Begin Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Private Seed Raised
  • Build Team
Fall 2018
  • Deliver Conjure PoC
  • Launch Website
January 1st, 2019
Community Building
  • Begin Marketing for the Token Sale
  • Grow Social Presence and Community
Spring 2019
Pre-Sale Begins
  • Private Pre-Sale:
    March 1st
  • Public Pre-Sale:
    April 1st
  • Runs through Summer 2019
April 2019
Web Prototype
September 2019
Main STO Begins
  • Stage I:
    September 1st
  • Stage II:
    September 9th
  • Sale runs all September
October 30th, 2019
Conjure Alpha
  • Video, Text, Boards
  • Monetization Testing
  • Rewards and Sorting
Fall 2019
Creator Migration
  • Begin Migrating Content
  • Refine Taxonomic Community Structure
  • Build Awareness with Creator Community
February 20th, 2020
Conjure Beta
  • Add Audio and Image Formats
  • Video and Banner Ad Monetization
  • Optimize Layered Sorting Algorithms
  • Begin Sponsorship and Merchandise Testing
June 2020
Conjure Launch
  • Full Content Formats
  • Full Monetization Options
  • Full Taxonomic Community Structure

Meet Our Team

Max Helsel
CEO & Co-Founder
Shane Ciccone
COO & Co-Founder
Joel Garcia
Emmanuel Arri
Finance Advisor
Travor House
Community Building
Nick Mohan
Sales & Marketing
Michael Stein
Lydia Benham
Project Management
Andrey Romanov
Social & Community
Richard Nacht

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ below provides answers to the most common questions we receive about Conjure. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the email contact listed at the bottom of the webpage.

What is Conjure?

Conjure is a multimedia content platform, with built-in blockchain functionality. Users will be able to watch videos, read blogs, view images, listen to songs, and much more.

What is the "Depth Engine", and why is it special?

In a nutshell, the depth engine is the combination of vertical and horizontal search. Current search engines utilize the horizontal model, sufficient for keyword recall and information, but struggles to accomodate creative content and its human component.

What can I do with the Conjure Token?

Holders of the Conjure Token will receive profit-sharing payouts, pro rata, sourced from Net Ad Revenue generated on the platform. Additionally, CJR can be used to upvote content, reward creators/users, access premium content, purchase merchandise and goods, influence the direction of the platform, and more.

Is there a token lockup period for the team?

Yes, there will be a lockup period for the core team. One year after the close of the Token Sale, half (50%) of these Tokens unlock. Two years after the close of the Token Sale, the remaining half (50%) unlock.

What type of Token Sale is this?

The Conjure Token Sale is being conducted as an STO (Security Token Offering), through the SEC exemption provided by Rule 506(c) of Regulation D under the Securities Act.

I'm a U.S. citizen - can I participate in the Token Sale?

Yes, U.S. residents are welcome to participate in the Token Sale granted they verify their status as an Accredited Investor and pass KYC/AML procedures.

When do I receive my Conjure Tokens?

Main Sale participants will receive their Tokens shortly after completing their purchase. Pre-Sale participants will receive their tokens when the Token Sale ends.

Where is Conjure based?

Conjure Network LLC is a limited liability company based in the USA, in the great state of Delaware.

Can I purchase tokens if I'm a resident of "X" country?

The Token Sale is closed to a number of restricted territories, including but not limited to: Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, mainland China, among others. For the full list, which is subject to changes, please refer to our Terms available at the bottom of the webpage.

What is "KYC" and "AML"?

Know Your Customer (KYC) are regulatory procedures that require companies to verify the identity and residency of their customers. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations aim to verify a person's source of income and "prohibited person" status.

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